What You Need To Know Before Going to Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become a top tourist destination for travelers across the world, particularly for those people who are looking for abundant wildlife, adventure travels and Eco-tourism. But, in order to make your vacation or holiday experience the best one, you have to know a few things. We’ve mentioned a few but important things which you must know before relocationg or visiting Costa Rica.

Must Use the Pronoun “Usted”

It is completely appropriate in many Latin American countries to use the pronoun “TU” when referring to “you”. For example- “Tu tienes un novio? (Do you have a boyfriend?). In Costa Rica, it is impolite to use the “TU” form because they understand that you are an outsider and will not take offense. However, show some respect simply by using “USTED.”


The beautiful country of Costa Rica uses the Colon which comes in coins, up to 500 Colones, and bills (1,000 to 50,000). The USD exchange rate is easy, 500 Colones to $1 USD. Ensure to check the official exchange rate online before going there as it is changing frequently 500 C/1 USD has been a comparatively stable exchange rate for the last ten years.

Plastic or Cash

Plastic like debit and credit cards is accepted in Costa Rica. Besides, ATM’s are everywhere but there are some considerations to keep in mind.  For example- Take a minute to contact your card issuer to let them know you will be traveling. This is because nothing more frustrating than, after having a great meal, your card is declined. Cash is king as usual , but be prepared to be upset when trying to pay with a US$100 bill.

Drink Tap water

In most touristic destinations, you can drink the tap water. The tour guides will let you know which taps to use while hotels and guesthouses will indicate whether the water is safe. Tap water is safe to drink but avoid in rural areas. You can also bring an insulated water bottle.

Must Know The Meaning Of Pura Vida

Here in Costa Rica, you will often hear locals saying “Pura Vida” in response to almost anything. For example- How you doing- “Pura Vida.”, Excuse me please - “Pura Vida”, etc. This expression, which directly translates to “pure life”, includes an entire way of life in the country. Pura Vida means letting go of what you can’t control.

The climate of Costa Rica is as varied as its landscapes. So, carefully consider when and where you will be going and what doings you intend to follow so that you will be ready for the weather. If you are planning to relocate here, then go for Costa Rica Relocation services as they provide 100% safety to you and your belongings.