Exploring Costa Rica

It was my once in the lifetime experience to get to Costa Rica and I can never miss out such a great opportunity. So, I asked my friend for that amazing job opportunity to this magical place and in no time I got selected. So, I called a company to help me out with the Costa Rica relocation.

Now the main question over here is what I can see once I reach this magical place. Well, there are so many things for me to check out once I start exploring Costa Rica. I did too and now I am pretty happy to share some of my thoughts with you.

A perfect magical place

Hemmed just in between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, this tiny republic of Costa Rica is known and pictured to be an oasis of the political stability in the middle of the turbulent region. This is no doubt a prosperous and democratic nation and also one of the most bio-diverse areas in this world. I would like to call this source as the ecological treasure trove, which comes handy with wide ranges of habitats. Right from the rainforest to the beaches to even mangrove swamps and volcanoes, there are so many options available. So, this place can actually support a variety of wildlife.

Peace and nature at its best

I once saw a video on YouTube titled My Costa Rica Trip by Darrel Wilson and that pumped me more to visit this amazing place. even though the idyllic image might not do enough justice to full complexities of the contemporary Costa Rican platform, but it is true that the long democratic tradition of the country and complete absence of the military forces will stand in sharp contrast to brutal internal conflicts. This current peaceful reputation is one of the major growths in the field of Costa Rica.

Source: @vivirg10
More to learn

The economy of this place is most diversified in all over Central America and some argue that it has less to gain from CAFTA. One of the major reasons for such a growing economic condition of this place definitely has to do with the tourism business, which seems to flourish with every passing year. Right now, this place is known to have the highest amount of literacy rate, with education, health care, and life expectancy. So, my decision to move into this place was not that of a bad decision from my part for sure!

Amazing places to visit

Now it has been long that I have shifted to this awesome land and tried to explore some of the must-visit spots over here. So, I am able to guide you through some of the places to be added on the bucket list. You should take some time off your busy schedule to visit San Jose, Valle Central, and the highlands, Limon province and the Caribbean Coats and definitely spend some time in the Zona Norte.