How Do You Use Roll On Essential Oils?

Essential Oils Skin Care

Essential oils are an amazing way to use aromatherapy and keep your body happy and healthy! Essential oils can heal the body inside and out, and with the oils you can use them in two different ways. You can inhale them and also apply them directly to skin. These will both allow you to access the health benefits of using essential oils.

Essential oils whether applied to the skin with a roll on or with massage, allow you to use natural remedies to symptoms and help you achieve relief and wellness in a gentle and natural way. 

Essential oils are created from plants. Most of the oils come from roots, leaves and bark, and allow the oil to stay potent and healthy. 
Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for both healing and general wellbeing. Each oil has a specific use and power that can help with a different ailment or symptom. There are many to chose from and you can also create blends to achieve a specific desired result. 

It is important to understand the effects and results desired when choosing different oils and knowing where and how to apply them to achieve the desired results.

Some oils can be very potent so it is important to make sure that essential oils are diluted with a carrier oil as applying essential oils directly to the skin in a neat form can cause irritation and, in some cases, even burning. So, make sure you know what types of oils to use, and have the necessary dilution or blends to make sure that your body can absorb and accept the oils in the correct form. 

It is advisable to test the oils in a small area of your skin to make sure there are no adverse or allergic reactions. Just apply a small amount and allow 24 hours to see if there are any unwanted reactions. 

You can speak with your aromatherapist to discuss dilution options and percentages of how to mix your essential oils with carrier oils. 

If you are planning to use essential oils for your children, you may want to dilute even more, as younger skin is often more sensitive and can react as well. 

Knowing exactly where on the body to use each specific oil is key to getting the desired results. 

Roll on Essential oils are frequently blended in the correct formula for you to apply directly to the body, so you shouldn’t have to worry about adding carrier oils. However, applying certain oils to certain areas will help you gain the best results. 

The main areas where oils are applied are:

  • Soles and top of feet
  • Ankles
  • Over Vital Organs
  • Abdomen
  • Upper Back
  • Neck
  • Behind  Ears
  • Temples
  • Crown of Head

If you are diluting your oils to put in a roll on, these are the recommended formulas:

  • For children and infants: 1 drop of essential oil per Tbsp of carrier oil is generally a safe rule to follow (.2% dilution).
  • For Adults: 2 drops of essential oil per tsp of carrier oil (0.75%).
  • When using in a massage a 2%-5% dilution is a good 
Start with less and remember you can always add more. If you apply the oil to your skin and experience and adverse affect, use a carrier oil to dilute the essential oil.

Enjoy exploring the different oils available to you and talk to your aromatherapist to discuss what types of oil are best for the symptoms you are seeking relief from or the day to day needs you have for a roll-on aromatherapy oil. Whether its an energy boost, relief from jetlag, headaches or nausea, there’s an oil for everything! 

Our team at illuminate skin therapies in Calgary can help you determine the correct plan for your essential oils and add extra benefits to your daily life in a simple and accessible way!