Why Shipping Your Own Car To Costa Rica Is A Good Decision

Buying a new car in Costa Rica is more expensive than in North America due to heavy taxes, so some expats opt to import their cars from back home. Keep in mind that importing a vehicle will cost about the same than purchasing a similar car in Costa Rica. So, it is always best to buy a used vehicle in Costa Rica. All car values are determined by the government of Costa Rica and are assigned a higher value than stated in the Blue Book. Your overseas car may not be common in Costa Rica, so may be expensive and hard to find.

Why Shipping Your Own Car To Costa Rica

Taking your own car to Costa Rica means you will know the condition it’s in. You will save the expense and trouble of having to buy a new or used car there. If looking to buy a new one then the new vehicle is expensive in comparison to what you pay in North America while buying a used car means a risk of not knowing for sure what is under the hood. If you work freelance or do your office at home, then have a car that meets all the requirements will save money for you.


Popular shipping companies will arrange everything in well advance such as shipping schedule, vehicle registration, and import duties. To Ship a Car to Costa Rica, you need to hire such a company. Many Costa Rica shipping service providers also provide a complete vehicle package, including buying a U.S. vehicle, taking it to Costa Rica, and paying import duties on your behalf. However, there are plenty of things you need to consider before shipping your car to Costa Rica:
  • Shipping a car to Costa Rica is not so difficult, but you have to so necessary research in terms of the steps to follow as well as the costs involved so as to you can make a wise decision.
  • Think about how many times a year you will be going back to your home country. If you are going to do many back and forth traveling, then this must be taken into account.
  • When dealing with the majority of organizations in Costa Rica, time and patience are two things you should always have. Thus take into consideration that bringing your own car from your native place could take a while.
  • You should investigate if finding parts for your vehicle is an issue in Costa Rica. Remember there are no import duties for people that are transporting their car in for less than 90 days.
  • Cars older than 12 years are not accepted because old models usually don’t pass the gas emissions limits. In addition to this, the country or state where you are sending from will make a difference in the price. For instance, transporting in your car from the US West Coast is more expensive than sending it in from the East Coast.
  • Currently, there is an electric transportation bill awaiting approval at the Legislative Assembly that will cut the taxes on these vehicles significantly.