How do we use resin on marble

Marble Resin have been used to fill and reinforce marble slabs for over 45+ years in the polishing industry. Currently, every travertine and a large number of marbles are filled with polyester resin or cement. These fillers are mostly employed for cosmetic purposes and to prevent open holes in the material's surface.

Stronger backing support, usually in the form of a fiber glass mesh, is added to the more delicate marbles. This solution provides a sturdy and long-lasting surface for transportation and to prevent damage. A polyester resin is employed as the main material for the net in this procedure.

A marble slab's surface must be honed before being treated, for the resin to absorb uniformly throughout the entire surface. The material must also be thoroughly clean and dry for the resin to penetrate even the tiniest pores on the surface.

This procedure necessitates the use of special convection ovens or two to three days of dry working circumstances. The resin is then spread over the entire surface after being mixed in the proper ratio (either using a scale or an automatic mixing dispenser).

There are hundreds of different resin solutions for marble available today, each with its own set of physical features. The best system is always selected based on the colour of the marble, the machinery available, and the desired outcomes.

The slab is ready to be polished after the system has fully cured (which might take up to 24 hours depending on the method and equipment utilised).

The first step in the polishing process is focused on eliminating all superfluous resin that has been put on top of the slab, leaving just the resin that has filled in the gaps or pits. The epoxy resin will not develop a layer on top of the granite in this manner, and it will only be present in the interspaces.

One of the first challenges that arise when working with a resin-cured marble slab is how to match the hue of the slab's "darkened" surface to the polished edge of the final result (like a kitchen countertop).

Special products for increasing the colour of granite and marble are available on the market. With just one application of these materials, you'll be able to permanently match the two hues. Simple solutions, such as mineral oil or a cheap colour booster, should be avoided. These goods will only temporarily cure the problem, leaving clients disappointed in the long run. Another difficulty is the process's long-term viability. But the quality of the products that Surie Polex offers is world-class and all these concerns are very well addressed in our products and you do not have to worry about any of them, as concern for customer doubts and concerns lies at the core of our foundations as an organisation.


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Marble Resin

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