5 Attractive Areas For Expat Living In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Relocation

With tropical rainforests, breathtaking coastlines and mountainous regions and of course, Costa Rica is an amazingly diverse country for its size. With the famous Pura Vida’s lifestyle and lower cost of living, Costa Rica is the best place for expats. With so much geographical diversity, choosing the right place to relocate to ultimately comes down to personal preference. But we’ve listed the top 5 most attractive areas for expats in Costa Rica.
  1. Uvita

    A beautiful beach town 11 miles south of Dominical, Uvita is much less developed, but this is a very beautiful area and the expat community is relatively established there. It is more humid with more wet weather that the Northern Coast, but Uvita is the only area where the mountains drop onto the beach. So, one can pick your altitude so as to control your temperature and still have the ocean views.

  2. Tamarindo

    Tamarindo, a small surfing town is a home to more than 6,375 residents. Tamarindo is an extremely popular tourist place, thus if you want something more genuine to the local experience, then it might not be for you. It is more a small beach town with modern amenities where the locals know each other by name. Tamarindo's popularity as a tourist town and expat favorite make the cost of living a bit higher. But it’s very easy to find good food in Tamarindo, and even good healthcare. It is the top pick for expats looking for an ocean view.

  3. Cartago

    The capital city is home to approximately 156,000 residents and has a lower crime rate than the nearby province of San José, and making it a rather safe place to live. It is located in the central valley and has a growing economy. It is proud to be home to one of the top engineering schools in Central America- The Costa Rica Institute of Technology.

  4. Escazu

    If you want to be near schools and San Jose, then Escazu is an upscale suburb popular among expats. It is a very nice suburb outside of San Jose and offers everything from shopping to convenience. Escazu has some very nice areas and provides more in the way of restaurants, stores, medical care, and entertainment." Buying a property here before renting is reckless. You must explore the area or areas that you are considering, even talk to people who live there and get a good feel for anywhere before you consider investing money into it.

  5. Dominical

    Are you considering moving to Puntarenas province? If yes, then the city of Dominical boasts the perfect blend of comfortable amenities and rustic appeal. With unpaved dirt roads, it feels remote but looks like a postcard with hard to believe surfing spots, fresh seafood, and fishing spots. The only drawback to the place is that there are not a lot of job opportunities. If you work remotely, then only this is an ideal spot.
Get to know the country well before you make your move. Also, visit a few times and spend some time in each province to find out which one you like the best. The best and safe way to move tour desired place is ho for Costa Rica Relocation services.