The Best Indian Restaurants In Costa Rica

As one of the most mesmerizing South American island countries, Costa Rica shares its coastline with the Caribbean and the Pacific. For the tourists who love to dwell in the lap of nature, this is undoubtedly one of the preferred choices for them. While the place has gained the attention of the tourists due to its biodiversity, the fine dining options also attract many people to visit this location. 

What more do you want when you get the opportunity to eat in the finest places amidst the beautiful surroundings. If you are an Indian and love to taste the regional food of your country in foreign destinations, this country has its share of eateries as well. You will come across an array of food hubs serving Indian cuisine and who knows the locals might love it too.

Resource: Naans-Curries
Naans & Curries

If you go by the name of this restaurant, you will understand the kind of food served here. While this restaurant has a nice ambiance and upkeep, the taste of butter chicken is going to roll on your tongue. If you are worried about what to eat in the dessert section, you will be simply spoiled by the choices they offer. One of the reasons you love the food of this restaurant is the special charcoal-fired tandoors that are used for cooking the food. This restaurant is located in San José and offers you the ultimate dining experience with some of the best-chosen items that give you a feel of your home. You can visit the official website of this restaurant to get a feel of their preparation methods.

Resource: Moksha Bellevue
Moksha Indian Restaurant

This is one of those restaurants situated in San Jose that offers a wide range of Indian items for those who love the taste of this country. Although the place is small and cozy, the décor is surprisingly interesting. The warmth and the hospitable attitude of the staff will more than overwhelm you before you start choosing the tastiest items from the menu book. Whether you want vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, you can choose from the menu you want. Trying out their chicken items will let you get the heavenly taste of the food. If you are an Indian and going to exploring costa rica,  you can check these restaurants and the food they serve for your interest.

Taj Mahal Restaurant

This restaurant is as fascinating as its name and is quite popular among the locals as well. While you can choose from a wide range of menus, the taste of the food items are authentic and will linger on the taste buds for a long time. The specialty of this restaurant is the north Indian dishes they serve. It is hard to beat the taste of the biryani and tandoor dishes in this restaurant.

Taste of India506

This is another Indian restaurants in Costa Rica that serve a variety of veg, non-veg, and food items that are free from gluten. The uniqueness of this restaurant is the use of natural ingredients that help in the preservation of the aroma of food. Apart from this, the décor and the ambiance of this place are also attractive.